you guys! i can finally answer asks on my art blog! tumblr used to be lame and all answers would post to my photo blog. i don’t know when they fixed that?

anyway! now that i can post answers, i will do my best to answer all questions publicly (unless it has already been answered). i am truly sorry if i miss your question, or if i have failed to respond to you in the past — i get a really really high volume of questions from students, and i want to answer them all, but i don’t always have the time. i’ve wanted to put together an FAQ page for ages but maybe this is a good alternative!? i’ll add a link to my blog sidebar where you can find all Q&As from now on. 

while i’m posting a dumb text post instead of art, i also want to tell people who don’t already know that i have a photo blog tumblr thing here, where i post pictures of adventures i go on and animals in my yard, and a brand new inspiration tumblr here, where i reblog stuff (illustration, pretty things, music, nice words) the way normal people use tumblr because i never had a place to do that before. follow if you want!

I really love your designs! I was wondering where you got that cute paint pallet from?

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thank you, i just bought it and am excited about it! part of my eternal quest to rid my life of everything shitty and plasticky. i got it at wet paint in st paul, but if you’re not local you can find them online — look for “paragon 10 well porcelain fan palette”.